How do I pay by invoice?

Your first order must be paid by credit card. As long as that order successfully goes through our system, you will be able to pay by invoice after that.



How do I pay my invoices online?

Just click "Pay My Bills" on your account page. If you have not placed an online order, or have very recently placed an online order, your billing portal may not be set up yet. If you still can't reach it after 12 hours, please contact customer service at (877) 777-3303 or [email protected].



Where is my order history?

Within 48 hours of placing your first online order, if you are already a customer with us, you should see any order history. Please contact customer service at (877) 777-3303 or [email protected] if you encounter any issues.



Why does my order history not match between where I pay my bills and my account page?

Your account page only goes back so far because we wanted to keep just your more relevant purchases available to order from history. Your billing portal has all your financial information on it.



There are some odd items in my order history?

These orders should match your invoice. If it looks funny, it's because things weren't always designed to be customer-facing. If you have any concerns, call customer service at (877) 777-3303 or [email protected].



I don't see the item I want to request in the Quarterly Special pop-up window?

Due to performance issues, we can only list a certain number of items as your Get options. Call and place your order with your Sales Rep to request the specific item you want.