We created the PureLife Eco Score as a part of our goal to help our customers make informed purchase decisions by highlighting products with a significantly decreased impact on our environment and human health.

Nearly every product you purchase at PureLife is being shipped to you with a 100% carbon offset. We reinvest into our environment by supporting reforestation and other efforts by partnering with UPS. With their support we fulfill all of our shipments as carbon neutral (learn more here). This means every order you make helps and leaves your personal carbon footprint nice and balanced.

However, only the awesome products that dare to go the extra mile to further reduce their impact on our environment will receive the coveted Eco Score Ranking starting at Eco Score 2 (carbon offset + additional eco-feature).

It’s simple: The Eco Score is equal to the number of eco-features a product holds. The higher the Eco Score, the more sustainable and/or healthy the product.

You can find all of these eco-features listed below. For a full overview of our PureLife Eco Score-certified products, please click here.