Have you ever searched endlessly for the best offer on a specific product for your practice? We think your time is worth more than that.

PureDeals is your simplified access to the best custom pocket-deal promotions tailored specifically for your practice.

Or simply shop online and keep a look out for the purple PureDeals logo (those are your limited-time deals).

How do PureDeals work?

The best vendor deals are rarely published. The ultimate deals are based on a variety of hidden factors:

  • Is your practice located in an area where the vendor is actively looking to grow market share?
  • Are you willing to try out a new brand or product for a certain procedure?
  • Does your manufacturer’s sales representative need to hit a certain goal this month to make their commission goals?
  • Other hidden data that qualifies your practice for a deal?

PureDeals automates the negotiation so you don’t have to do the work.

Our proprietary algorithm sifts through huge amounts of vendor data to match you up with the best possible deals available for your practice.

Keep in mind these deals are exclusively available to you and can change or expire at any time!


Questions? We are here to help!

Email our friendly customer service or give us a call at 877-777-3303 "Press 9" Ext. 1033.