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Description Item # Manuf # Price Packaging
Syringe - Light (5218601) (37001) $94.99 4gm syringe  
Syringe - Medium (5218602) (37002) $94.99 4gm syringe  
Syringe - Dark (5218603) (37003) $94.99 4gm syringe  
Syringe - Bleach White (5218604) (37004) $94.99 4gm syringe  
Syringe - Universal Opaque (5218605) (37005) $94.99 4gm syringe  
Unidose - Light (5218606) (37006) $94.99 20 x 0.25gm unidoses  
Unidose - Medium (5218607) (37007) $94.99 20 x 0.25gm unidoses  
Unidose -Dark (5218608) (37008) $64.99 10 x 0.25gm unidoses  
Unidose - Bleach White (5218609) (37009) $64.99 10 x 0.25gm unidoses  
Unidose - Universal Opaque (5218610) (37010) $64.99 10 x 0.25gm unidoses  

SimpliShade™ Universal Composite
SimpliShade Universal Composite

  • Simplified shade-matching; shade selection made easier and faster, matching all 16 VITA classical shades with just 3 simple shades
  • Adaptive Response Technology (ART); the ART filler network, a proven technology helps achieve lifelike restorations with exceptional strength and unmatched esthetics
  • Streamlined inventory management; saves time and money with minimal shades to meet almost all composite needs, declutter your shelves, avoid the burden of re-ordering too many different part numbers, and reduces or eliminates expired product
  • Universal composite for all cavity classes

Manufacturer: Kerr
SimpliShade Universal Composite
Price:  Varies by item
Buy 3 Syringes or Unidoses Get 1 Same Free (Equal/Lesser)
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