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Description Item # Manuf # Price Packaging
Set (1471201) (1210KA) $124.99 1 x 4.8ml liquid, 1 x 6gm powder + 1 measuring spoon, 50 applicator brushes and 1 mixing dish  
Liquid Refill (1471202) (1217KA) $41.99 4.8ml bottle  
Powder Refill (1471203) (1216KA) $93.99 6gm bottle  
Measuring Spoon (1471204) (1220KA) $11.99 1 spoon  
Applicator Brushes (1471205) (1221KA) $11.99 50/box  

Teethmate Desensitizer
Teethmate Desensitizer

  • Can be used to close exposed or prepared dentin and to prevent sensitivity before and after bleaching
  • Occludes the dentinal tubules reducing the dentinal fluid movement and the consequent hypersensitivity
  • Safe and effective tubule sealing with hydroxyapatite
  • Doesn’t contain glutaraldehyde or methacrylate

Manufacturer: Kuraray
Teethmate Desensitizer
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