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Description Item # Manuf # Price Packaging
Syringe Pack (1341501) (S180) $67.99 7 x 0.85gm syringes + 15 applicator tips  
Value Pack (1341502) (S182) $205.99 25 x 0.85gm syringes + 55 applicator tips  
Unit Dose Capsules (1341503) (S183) $86.99 30 x 0.24gm unit dose capsules  
Luer-Lock Applicator Tips (1341504) (S181) $31.99 40/bag  

Dryz® Gingival Hemostatic Retraction Paste
Dryz® Gingival Hemostatic Retraction Paste

  • Stops gingival bleeding and seepage that may interfere with impression taking
  • Great for tissue management when seating restorations, placing rubber dam clamps (controlling bleeding), bleaching teeth (to manage moisture) and restoring subgingival cavities
  • Fast-acting
  • Light green color makes the material easy to detect

Manufacturer: Parkell, Inc
Dryz® Gingival Hemostatic Retraction Paste
Price:  Varies by item
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