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Products contain environmentally preferred materials or content, such as organic, biodegradable, or recycled content

Pollution Reduction

Use of this product reduces the amount of pollution added to the environment.


This product comes in reduced packaging and/or packaging made with recycled content.

Special Features

This product contains special environment attributes. See the product description below for specific details.
Description Item # Manuf # Price Packaging
A1/B1 (1130601) (PD-120) $99.99 1 x 76gm cartridge + 15 blue mixing tips  
A2 (1130602) (PD-121) $99.99 1 x 76gm cartridge + 15 blue mixing tips  
A3 (1130603) (PD-122) $99.99 1 x 76gm cartridge + 15 blue mixing tips  
Blue Mixing Tips (1130604) (PD-211) $24.99 25/bag  
Blue (Orange Inside) Mixing Tips (1130605) (110351) $24.99 25/bag  

C&B Prompt
C&B Prompt

  • 1:1 ratio temporary crown and bridge material
  • Complete curing in 4 minutes, initial setting in 90 seconds
  • Biocompatible and life-like restoration with natural translucency
  • Excellent resistance to fracture
  • C&B Prompt is a self-curing resin based composition designed for easy fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges
  • It sets in two stages, providing for easy working
  • For making repairs, C&B Prompt is compatible with self- and light-cured resin based materials

Manufacturer: Pac-Dent
C&B Prompt
Price:  Varies by item
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