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Description Item # Manuf # Price Packaging
Assorted Kit (1780101) (602770) $247.99 72/box  
Left Regular (Dark Green) (1780102) (602771) $72.99 18/box  
Left Narrow (Light Green) (1780103) (602772) $72.99 18/box  
Right Regular (Dark Blue) (1780104) (602773) $72.99 18/box  
Right Narrow (Light Blue) (1780105) (602774) $72.99 18/box  


  • Unique, fast and easy sectional solution for Class II restorations, combines a separating plastic wedge and stainless steel matrix
  • Flexible wing separates the teeth and seals the cervical margin
  • Pre-shaped contact point helps prevent overhang and doesn't require burnishing
  • Eliminates pop-offs
  • One-step procedure doesn’t require additional instruments like tine rings or forceps

Manufacturer: Directa Inc
Price:  Varies by item
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