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#2 (2249301) (319304) $57.79 10/pack  
#4 (2249302) (319305) $57.79 10/pack  
#557 (2249303) (319327) $57.79 10/pack  
#701 (2249304) (319350) $57.79 10/pack  
#1557 (2249305) (319359) $57.79 10/pack  

Midwest® Once® Sterile Carbide Burs - HP
Midwest® Once® Sterile Carbide Burs - HP

  • Sterile, single-use carbide burs guarantees no cross-contamination and blade-sharpness on every use
  • Sterile packaging eliminates processing time and unused burs remain sterile for next patient
  • Single-use design means blades are sharp for each operation

Manufacturer: Dentsply Sirona Midwest
Midwest® Once® Sterile Carbide Burs - HP
Price:  $57.79
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