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Description Item # Manuf # Price Packaging
Unit (4514101) (60021987) $1,179.99 1 unit, 1 display, 1 basket, 1 power cord, 1 drain tube, 1 recess template and 1 recess gasket  
Accessory Kit (4514102) (60022042) $279.99 1 cassette basket, 2 beakers, 2 covers, 2 positioning rings and 2 beaker holders  
Cassette Basket (4514103) (60022040) $174.99 1 basket  
Beaker Holder (4514104) (60022041) $29.99 1 holder  

BioSonic® UC150 Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit
BioSonic® UC150 Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit

  • Sleek, Swiss design, built for versatility and efficiency
  • 1.5 gallon stainless steel tank offers a small footprint but generous capacity, holding up to 4 instrument cassettes
  • Can be used as a countertop or recessed unit, allowing flexibility in any sterilization center setting
  • Glove-friendly touch screen and data logging capability
  • Quick draining with externally accessible drain

Manufacturer: Coltene/Whaledent
BioSonic® UC150 Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit
Price:  Varies by item
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