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Description Item # Manuf # Price Packaging
ECO II (1270201) (20010501) $499.99 1 unit  
ECO II Tandem (1270206) (20010502) $999.99 1 unit  

PureWay ECO II Amalgam Separator
PureWay ECO II Amalgam Separator

Amalgam separators remove mercury amalgam from wastewaters. As part of its commitment to the environment, PureLife offers reduced pricing on separators and customized programs to help you save even more. Please call us at (877) 777-3303 to learn more.
  • ECO II services up to 6 chairs and the ECO II Tandem services up to 12 chairs
  • Online compliance portal with automatic recycling e-certificate
  • Replacment includes a pre-paid UPS return label for recycling
  • ISO 11143 certified, >99% effective
  • Easy to install and maintenance-free
  • No tools, easy to install, fits all systems
  • Lasts 9-12 months depending on practice size
  • Recycling certificates available
  • Compact design: 8.7" x 8.7" x 13.8"

Manufacturer: PureWay Compliance, Inc.
PureWay ECO II Amalgam Separator
Price:  Varies by item
Eco II $199 Special Price! Limited Time Promotion
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