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Description Item # Manuf # Price Packaging
4oz Bottle (1300201) (JWG) $6.99 1 bottle  
18oz Pump Bottle (1300202) (JWGP) $14.99 1 bottle  
1000ml Refill Pouch (1300203) (JWGEL1) $21.99 1 pouch  
Wall Mounted Dispenser (1300204) (PGEL1) $22.99 1 dispenser  

SaniTyze Waterless Gel
SaniTyze Waterless Gel

  • Kills MRSA
  • Kills up to 99.99% of bacteria in as little as 15 seconds
  • Contains 61% ethyl alcohol
  • Contains silicone to allow easy glove donning
  • With nearly 90% of disease transmission linked to hand contamination, hand hygiene is considered the most important infection control practice available. This product balances hand asepsis and skin protection.

Manufacturer: Crosstex
SaniTyze Waterless Gel
Price:  Varies by item
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