At PureLife, we're big on continuing education - from researching and evaluating new products to sharing ways to improve the health of patients, staff and the planet. Check out these educational tools - starting with a fun animated short film about the importance of properly managing mercury waste.


Looking for ways to "green" your office? Our how-to guide, Making Green Work, is full of practical tips for dental offices looking to meet or exceed environmental regulations.


We seek out healthier products and even invest in university studies to ensure their effectiveness before offering them to you. For example, in evaluating our new non-toxic surface disinfectant, BioSURF, PureLife sponsored a study by Dr. Ronald Perry, D.M.D., M.S., Associate Clinical Professor at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. When the study revealed that non-toxic BioSURF was more effective than the market leader, we brought it to market and are educating dental healthcare professionals on its benefits for human and environmental health.


PureLife partners with respected industry experts to educate dental professionals on key health and environmental issues. Creating fun, interesting materials helps these educators introduce complex and serious issues to audiences in an appealing, compelling way.

Are you a CE provider interested in downloading our Speakers’ Resource Kit? Or, are you a speaker interested in learning more about environmental issues in dentistry? lf so, contact us at